Some days I make a quilt and I just love the piecing, the fabrics the colours, everything. Other days I start making a quilt and the first block is exciting and fun, the second block I might figure out a better way to line things up and then I have to make 28 blocks just the same. Then its a push to make myself finish the quilt top and get onto quilting!

This quilt belongs to the first group. I love the fabrics and all the blocks are different so the excitement is there all the way through.

Then finally I get to the quilting and I really love it. I think I got the balance of quilting density and snuggly just right! This is my Tic Tac Sampler quilt pattern with a combination of Paisley-ish and Fanfare, quarter circle and half circle quilting designs. I’ve been creating my own quilting designs for a while now and its becoming a real passion. I doodle on a the shopping list, I sit watching tv and doodle some more. Soon I will release my digital quilting designs on the world!


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