I love love love my walking foot. I know some machines have built-in walking feet – that’s brilliant. Mine doesn’t . But I find my walking foot is an absolute must.wakingfoot2

Have you ever sewn something big, like curtains. By the time you get to the end of a long line of sewing – poof! You somehow have more fabric on the top layer than on the bottom layer? Well I have. But that was before my walking foot. Yes they can be VERY expensive. So if you get a deal that includes a walking foot. Go for it. I think my walking foot was around $200! But worth every penny.


Whenever I have to sew thick things, or many layers. If I can use my walking foot, I do. It feeds the fabric from the top as well as the bottom. So when I get to the end of a line of sewing the fabrics should end at the same place- provided I cut them evenly!walkingfoot6

A walking foot is a must for quilting straight lines. Now that I’ve given-up my Longarm – just part of the price of moving from the USA to Australia – I have to re-learn how to quilt. And I will be using my walking foot A LOT!

The only negative I can say about my walking foot is that if I’m only sewing two thin layers of fabric, for a short distance, or I’m top stitching and I really need a straight line. I find the walking foot makes it difficult to make a REALLY straight line. But sometimes I just use it anyway!

Enjoy your sewing – use a walking foot.






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