Ahhhh there is nothing better than a new SHARP rotary cutter blade. I don’t know why I wait so long to change the blades over. I have replacement blades. I really appreciate a smooth and complete cut. None of those annoying little joiner threads lingering after a cut with a dull or notched blade. I don’t know how the blades end up so notched, I’m sure my husband sneaks in when I’m not home and uses my rotary cutter for cutting wire, or worse. – okay I admit I may have used the last one to cut the end off a zipper! But there is nothing better than slicing through all the layer with a single motion, rather than repeatedly hacking away on the same cut.

The message here is simple, don’t be like me. Replace your rotary cutting blades as soon as they need it. Nothing but annoyance to be gained from “just cutting one more project.” Make you sewing experience as pleasant as possible. There are plenty of other things to that add frustration to our lives – rotary cutting blades don’t need to be one of these.

New Blade Cover
New Blade Cover

Ooooh and I found in my stash of blade, when I finally changed my 28mm, that the Clover brand blades have little individual covers so that you never need to touch the blade, and you won’t accidentally end up with two blades instead of one in your cutter.

Cheers Sewing Sue

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