I’m so excited. I’ve just finished my new pattern for fabric boxes. Okay I admit letting my husband name the pattern may have been a mistake. But the name doesn’t make the pattern silly – right?


Here they are, two little boxes to help keep things organized. I like to keep a lot of little things on the desk top when I’m sewing, and the little box is perfect for that. I also like to keep things together when I’m working on a project. I have my house for sale at the moment, so I have to pack everything away every day. So these boxes come in handy. They look cute, and keep me organized – that’s a win-win if ever there was one! Plus they are washable, and collapsible.

small box
Small Box

The big box is just the right size for printed patterns. They stand up and don’t slide all over the place! You know what I mean:)

Large Box
Large Box

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